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Vegetable Kashiwa 1「Genmai Ouchi Gohan Anzu」



Plant-based in Kashiwa
Out of my personal experience, it can still be quite difficult to find especially vegan meals in Japan if you do not live in the center of Tokyo. From now on I will introduce restaurants in Kashiwa that offer plant-based options (vegan or vegetarian).

Do you know Genmai Ouchi Gohan Anzu?

If not, then you should check it out. Being the first entry, I will introduce this cute and small place called Genmai Ouchi Gohan Anzu, or “玄米おうちごはん杏” in Japanese, meaning something like Brown Rice Homemade Food Anzu (Anzu being the owner’s name). Located directly next to Kashiwa station it only takes 2-3 minutes to get there after exiting the automatic ticket gate. The entrance may be a bit hard to find at first but during business hours a sign is kindly placed outside. Leaving the elevator on the 4th floor, you enter a brightly lit hallway. To the right is Genmai Ouchi Gohan Anzu’s entrance, impossible to miss from this point. The place itself is a light room with a natural wooden interior. A long counter and a big white table create breathing space and make you feel like stepping into someone’s dining room. You immediately feel the personal and homely atmosphere. Taking a seat at the counter offers the best opportunity to indulge in conversation with the restaurant owner Anzu.
A place of personality
Anzu is a trained dietician and years of working in gastronomy allow her to produce foremost delicious as well as healthy meals, vegan and non-vegan. During the meal, she serves you a smooth organic tea. The taste may differ from day to day and depends on her preference. If you would rather like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, you can choose between organic wine, beer, Japanese sake and others.

Eat all of them
As delicious homemade vegan meals, she offers a vegan curry and a vegan ramen, available
for only ¥1000 each. After that, you can enjoy one of her homemade vegan desserts,
mainly vegan muffins or tofu cake. It is also possible she comes up with something
completely different for the day. Get surprised.

The vegan curry is made from an organic coconut milk base with a combination of different spices. Even though it has a rich spicy taste, that does not mean it is spicy-hot. I would recommend it for anyone’s taste. The curry contains a lot of seasonal vegetables, organically grown near Narita and is served with brown rice and a fresh side salad covered in a perfect amount of delicious sweet dressing. She will even offer you a bigger portion of rice for free.

For a dessert, Anzu recommends one of her fluffy vegan muffins, based on a recipe from her mother. The dough does not contain regular white sugar, but organic millet sugar and brown sugar from Okinawa instead.
Pleasure without a feeling of guilt. Available tastes may change depending on her mood at the time, but delicious every time. Most popular are her muffins with a mix of different fresh berries for an extra strong anti-aging effect while enjoying something sweet.

What comes next?
Talking about the future she told me about her desire to increase the variety of vegan meals, including the classic Chinese meal Mabo tofu and a possible roll cabbage. Coming back to her background on nutrition “I am still continuing to study about diet, so it is very well possible that in ten years I will have changed the entire image of this place. I try to create a place where I can offer the things I find are best for my customers,” she says. Hearing this raises my expectations and going to Genmai Ouchi Gohan Anzu will always be full of surprises as to what kind of meals Anzu-san will create next.

Even though people from Tokyo come to eat at her restaurant, she accounts only 10% of all orders as vegan, foreign customers being even more seldom. “Japanese people like trends from abroad. Having started with gluten free, I believe Japan will catch on with the vegan trend. Maybe in a year or so?” she tells me with a friendly
Stay around for more

I think if we want more plant-based alternatives in Japan, we must support the already existing ones. We must show them we care and that their efforts are highly appreciated. That being said, go and eat at Genmai Ouchi Gohan Anzu.
Vegetarian and vegan alternatives in Kashiwa may not be all too easy to find, but I will not stop looking and inform about the results in the next entry of Vegetable Kashiwa.

Entrance of Genmai Ouchi Gohan Anzu on the 4th floor

All the relevant information below:
Genmai Ouchi Gohan Anzu
Chiba prefecture, Kashiwa-City, Kashiwa 1-1-8 Kamaya Bldg. 401
☎ 04-7179-5031
【Business Hours】Tue・Thu・Sat・Sun 11:30-15:00
Mon・Wed・Fri 11:30-22:00
【Regular Holiday】Not fixed (check homepage)

by Malte Detjens   Photo by Kei Kodama



カシベジ1 玄米おうちごはん杏













“今でも栄養学と※食について※勉強し続けているので、もしかしたら10年後全く違うお店になっているかも。自分がいいと思うものを出せるお店を目指しています。” 杏さんはお客様の健康を第一に考えて、これからもヴィーガン料理を増やそうとしています。ヴィーガン麻婆豆腐ロールキャベツヴィーガン定食を考えているそうです。杏さんの話を聞いて、必ずまた玄米おうちごはん杏に来たいと思いました。










【営業時間】火・木・土・日 11:30-15:00
    月・水・金 11:30-22:00


取材・執筆:マルテ・デットジェンス  撮影:児玉 啓